Robert E. Miss, MAC, CPFR
Certified Consultant
Board Development, Board-Staff Relations, Governance Issues, Board Retreats

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Board-Staff Collaboration is Our Passion!!!
We personally like to “mix-it-up” with boards of directors and senior staff working together, whether its recruiting, engaging, strategizing, fundraising, or improving governance and infrastructure.


TOOLS FOR Board/Staff STRATEGIC SUCCESS on this Web Site:

  • Action-Driven Board Recruitment and Engagement.
  • Action Planning to Meet Immediate Challenges and Set Future Priorities
  • Organizational Assessment to Increase Capacity and Best Practices
  • Resource Development Assessment to Create New and Diverse Income Streams
  • Board/Staff Roles Exercise to Clarify Boundaries & Responsibilities

We Facilitate Success
To determine how we would facilitate the application of these tools for your organization, contact Robert E. Miss.  robertemiss@gmail.com

3 responses to “Home

  1. SME’s action planning is an effective short term, interactive process for board and staff to address current challenges and set priorities for future success.

  2. Kristi Shanahan

    This looks wonderful – best of luck, Rob!

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